Check Out Our New Video For Miles & Interstates!

Finally, finally, finally – the day is here! I get to show you all our brand new video for “Miles & Interstates”! We’re also releasing a super limited 7″ for this single with an acoustic version and a cover of my favorite Descendents song of all time.

This video is very special to us because we filmed the whole thing this year while we were on the road supporting our album “The Best Ways to Disappear.” We filmed it all on our iPhones and had the lovely and talented Joseph Pattisall put it together for us.

We really wanted to make a video that visually drew from some of our favorite ’90s bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and also support the lyrics of the song. Most of this was filmed in a desert somewhere in Utah, however, there’s a quick scene where I was dared to lick Kris’ armpit and followed through (I always follow through on a dare) and footage from the lovely time we had in Orlando at Disney. Can you catch where it is?

This song is a song in particular that means a whole lot to me because It’s about one of my very first tours ever and a boy I met while I was on that tour, who momenterily kind of bummed me out. You know those sort of whirlwind romances where you’re like why do I care about this? It was supposed to be fun and nothing is fun anymore? Every time I sing it, it just reminds me of that time, and I think the video is a very accurate represtnation of what I felt like and what I think about when I think about that time…if that makes sense? I’m hardly articulate at this moment because I’m in a very noisy venue waiting to play.

Anyway, check out the video and share it please! Don’t forget, we’re on tour right now and giving away the EP this song is on!