Celeb Fashion: The Good, The Bad, The….What Were They Thinking?!

I am always keeping an eye out for new fashion trends on blogs, in magazines and on tv. I am inspired by designers and celebrities who take fashion risks, sometimes hitting it out of the park with their looks, and other times completely striking out. We’ve all seen it (if you haven’t, you should!)… Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic (Please let me be you?) and their celebrity friends, bashing everyone who walks the red carpet on the always entertaining Fashion Police.

The good, the bad… and the weird “we can see your boobs” outfits. Celebrities are just like us. Some days we choose bad outfits. We’ve all done it. You wake up, get dressed in the dark and think your yellow patterned pants TOTALLY match your purple striped shirt… until your boss asks if you if you’re wearing pajamas to work. And then there’s the days we completely nail it… take a fashion risk and it pays off with compliments and maybe a date from someone you’ve been eyeing up. Fashion gives confidence and a way to show the world who you are through the art of putting clothing on your body!

So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite celebrities and their fashion Do’s and Dont’s…

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: Some people royally despise SJP and I can’t understand why. This lady rules. She’s a fashion icon. From the time she became known as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, she’s been taking fashion risks on and off-screen. But as I said, sometimes celebrities are not above failing miserably with their fashion choices.

I love this little black dress. It’s funky and fashionable and it makes her look 6 feet tall. She’s like 5’1″ so that’s a big feat!

I have no idea what she was thinking with this number for the 2013 Met Ball…. I mean honestly. I love a risk taker, but this is horrible. It swallows up her tiny self and whatever is on her head is just plain scary. The shoes completely clash… and she’s also too old to have her crotch hanging out like that. Better luck next time, SJP!

2. Miley Cyrus: The cheeky (literally and figuratively) former Hannah Montana starlet has made her mark in the fashion world, over the last year or so, as she forcefully breaks out of her Disney shell. She’s got an incredible body, a giant bear backpack and a single that makes you sing along against your will. Let’s take a look at some of her best and worst.

Miley looks awesome in this jumper with the red lipstick! She looks edgy and classy at the same time. These types of pantsuits look amazing on those long legs.

Okay…. what? This hairstyle reminds me of that scene from Liar Liar where Jim Carrey’s secretary has the weird braided nubs on her head. And the fishnet dress feels like it’s out of the 90s… and not in a good way. It just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I’d like the dress more if her hair was styled better…. What do you think? The positive thing is that her makeup is beautiful!

3. Rihanna: The ever sassy singer takes big risks and 95% of the time, she nails it. She has a great eye for fashion, but even the best fall sometimes.

Beautiful Rihanna… This dress will forever be my favorite. The dress flows perfectly and is a great combination of sexy and classy, the hairstyle is so fitting and her makeup is flawless. She looks absolutely perfect. End of story.

How can we go from best to worst that quickly? What were you thinking, Rihanna’s stylist?! It looks like they wrapped white christmas garland around her body and called it a day. She is a human tree-skirt in this dress. No 🙁

4. Emma Watson: We share the same size hands and a love for Harry Potter and bettering the environment. Unfortunately, my soul sister still doesn’t know I exist………moving on. This lovely lady has modeled for Burberry and designed a line of Fairtrade certified, organic clothing. While she’s had some BIG fashion wins, she’s also had a couple mishaps.

This Burberry babe looks awesome in this classy day-to-night look. So chic and put-together. The colors look great on her skin. I’d love to wear this out in the fall!

Let’s just imagine that Emma was on her way to the grocery store and didn’t expect to have her photo taken looking frumpy. I don’t even know how she managed that. It’s not that the outfit is so horrible… it just doesn’t look like it fits her properly… and the shoes definitely don’t work. OBLIVIATE!

5. Katy Perry: She’s dating John Mayer. Enough said. Her fashion choices are bright and fun, which reflects her personality, but sometimes they just don’t come together.

So classy and fun! Miss Katy Perry has the best body of all time. Am I right? This dress hugs her curves in all the right ways and I’m sure all of the men in the room (who don’t read my blog) are thanking her.

First thing’s first… I have never seen a person who could pull off the micro-bangs/fringe. Second, this dress is too matronly for Katy. And last but not least, the dress is the same color as her skin and completely washes her out. 🙁 The beading is kind of cool, though!

What are your thoughts on these fashion choices?

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