Buzznet GIF Challenge: Challenge ACCEPTED! My Summer So Far

Here’s my summer so far in gifs!

First off, I dyed my hair mint green and it made me feel all cute.

Then Warped Tour for four days! There was a lot of this …

And another day I had to do a lot of press in Pomona. But this didn’t happen.

I also got to hang with a lot of buds and it made me so happy!

Then I went back east to visit family and friends for the 4th.

I ate a lot…

Saw lots of fireworks…

And overall felt love, smiled and laughed a lot.

But on the plane ride back to LA I watched ‘Like Crazy’ and had a few tears. Such a sweet movie.

Then I spent last Saturday at Disneyland with Kate and got myself another annual pass!

Did some rides on Paradise Pier…

And saw some old friends <3

That’s pretty much it so far — but my birthday is coming up so I will be doing some karaoke : )

What does you summer look like in GIFS? #musicrules.