BSTA #31: Make A Wish

I believe that dreams are one of the biggest treasures which we can have and no one can steal these beautiful thoughts.

When I was a little girl I dreamed about being a princess and I wanted to live in Wonderland. It was incredible time. I saw the world by the pink glasses and I believed that I’m a lucky girl.

And now I’m dreamer too. I’m not a kid, just a girl who’s need happiness and love in this crazy life. I don’t want to feel cold tears on my face, so I dream about be in better place, where I’ll safe and the most important…BE MYSELF.

What I wish myself??? I want to that my family and friends were healthy and happy. I don’t want to they had hard life, just safe, good and easy.

I dream about be a professional blogger, writer and songwriter. I dream to live in art. I know that there is a lot another things to do but just creating makes me happy and I feel freedom inside my soul during meeting with writing. Unfortunately, I think that this wish doesn’t have any chance to realization. But art is the only chance to stay….

I want to be healthy too. I don’t want to worse days, these stupid black moment, quarrels and painful moments. I dreaming about see the rainbow everyday…

P.S. Last drawing looks weird because he was scaned in two parts and here put together :/