BSTA #31 – Make A Wish (Round Up)

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First of all, thank you everyone for participating in this assignment! I’m really happy that all of you are so willing to share your wishes with us here on the land of Buzz. So without further ado, here’s this week’s round up.

Pondelia (or daisywishes) is a newbie on Buzznet so welcome to the family girl! She wishes for the happiness of her family and friends so that each of them can sail through their own battles smoothly. She also hopes to meet her favourite bands – All Time Low, just to name one- who have helped her through her difficult times.

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Next we have Nat (aka Forbidden) who dreams about being a princess who sees the world through her pink lenses and living in Wonderland. Also, she hopes her family and friends are in pink health. It would be a dream come true for her to be a blogger, writer and songwriter, and most importantly, to live in the world of art.

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Sunitaanja is a German student who’s currently pursuing her dreams of getting an internship in the U.S.. It’s not easy but there’s no sign of her giving up on her wish. On top of that, she hopes to spend her life with her boyfriend because she’s found the right person and she hopes to be a writer for the rest of her life.

Read her blog here.

As for Eilish, she dreams of a world with marriage equality. And she hopes that someday women have more say when it comes to abortion – it should be the woman herself to decide whether she’d want to keep the foetus especially for rape and incest victims. That’s not all, she hopes that women can get equal pay as men. Oh, and banning JB from getting into Chicago would be another wish of hers ;]

Read her blog here.

Our beloved admin, Lory (aka Candle), she hopes to see U2 and The Cure live in concert. She had an opportunity to check out U2 back in her teens but she missed it. As for another band, she’s never gotten the chance to meet them, yet. She has a friend who’s kind enough to give her a band shirt which she still keeps until today. This is Kay, Lory’s daughter, wearing the band tee.

Read her blog here.

Sue (aka 5footer) wishes that she has enough time for the things that she needs to work on – house chores, spending time on her Conures, cooking and washing. She also hopes that she has more time for the things she enjoy – doing crafts, making beaded jewellery, making cards, knitting and photography. In short, she hopes to have enough time for pleasure.

Read her blog here.

Inspirational blogger, Haleigh (aka Haleigh Rice) believes that wishes can come true if you’re willing to work for it. Her ultimate wish is to inspire people. She hopes to be the person which we could talk to and be our personal cheerleader to cheer us up during our hardships. She also hopes to travel and see the world because she loves to wake up to different sceneries.

Read her blog here.

Meghan (aka Izshkabobula) wishes that she could figure out what she’d like to become in the future. However, while she’s still deciding, she knows she’d like to read forever – reading for the rest of her life would be something grea for her. She also hopes to hang out with Pierce the Veil and get married to Munro Chambers.

Read her blog here.

Our TV addict, Michelle (aka Pishelle) is currently on her internship and is hoping that she could learn something out of it and not waste her time just being present. She also wishes that her parents would have been more supportive of her decisions and believe in her. Since she enjoys movies, she would love to write reviews for movies or probably work for reknown magazines.

Read her blog here.

This is the Tina‘s first entry for the group. She wishes for a chance to see if things would work out in the way she hopes for. Even if it doesn’t, she will have no regrets in her life, thinking what if she has done it. She’s been wishing, hoping and praying a lot lately – at times she sees herself living her dream, other times she feels that it’ll never come true. Nevertheless, she’s holding on to her dreams and she vows to never give up.

Read her blog here.

Another admin of ours, Miss Jane (aka Janebecameinsane) hopes that her family and friends will be safe and healthy always. She wishes that the there’s constant supply of nomz in her fridge and tons of mews gifs that she can enjoy when she’s on the internet. Because she’s always thinking she hopes to be more organised and calm so that it wouldn’t hurt her brain – and she’s learning how to achieve it.

Read her blog here.

Last but not least, I (aka Summergrace) wish for inner peace for now because of the struggles that I am going through. Also, I hope to inspire others and go for more travelling so that I get to share the sceneries of my country with my friends. My dream country to visit would be New Zealand, which is one of my closest friends’ home. I also hope for world peace where people can enjoy their basic human rights.

Read my blog here.

Please let me know if I have missed out anyone so that I can add you to our round up. Thank you again to our admins for allowing me to have the chance to be the guest admin. Lastly, I’d like to send my best wishes to everyone out there! Keep dreaming and never stop believing in yourself because this is what it takes to make a wish come true!