Brandi Cyrus X Jacqueline Rezak Clothing Line Collab!!

You guys I am SO SO excited to announce to all of you FIRST before anyone else that I am doing a clothing collaboration with my good friend Jacqueline Rezak and her fabulous line Rad + Refined. I have always loved clothes and have a huge interest in fashion. It’s always been in the back of my mind to start a clothing line someday, so this is the first step. Jackie and I will be working together on a few pieces for summer to start things off, and we hope to collaborate on a few pieces for each season from now on. How exciting is that!! You can be sure to see hints of my own style influences in this collab, and every piece will be something that I would and will wear.

Today we are releasing the first item of the Brandi Cyrus X Jacqueline Rezak for Rad + Refined. I am thrilled to show you guys my very own design of Rad + Refined’s RAD BANDS!! Each pair is unique and handmade, and only a limited number will be made! So get yours while they’re available!

Stay tuned for the next pieces to be released soon!!!

To get YOUR pair of Brandi Cyrus ‘Rad Bands’ you can purchase them HERE for only $28 !!

AND if you purchase a pair, tweet a picture of you wearing your Brandi Rad Bands to me for a personal Twitter shout out and retweet!!! 🙂