Boy Band Songs That Still Have Your Heart

Hey Music Loves,

I recently was jamming to the “Boy Band” Playlist on Spotify and realized that no matter how old I get, I still swoon over most of those songs!

I mean you can’t even try to tell me that ‘I Do’ by 98 Degrees doesnt make you melt…how about ‘Gone’ from NSYNC?

WELL…here are some of my personal faves that still make my heart happy:

1. Nsync- ‘Gone’

2. Nsync- ‘This I Promise You’

3. 98 Degrees- ‘I Do (Cherish You)’

4. O-town ‘All Or Nothing’

5. Hanson- ‘I Will Come To You’

6. Dreamstreet- ‘It Happens Everytime’

So now that I have fallen in love 4646 times, I would like to appologize to anyone who is upset I didn’t include Backstreet Boys. Let’s just say I have and always will be a hardcore Nsync fan.

I hope you enjoyed the blast from the past and can enjoy the rest of your day knowing that Justin Timberlake loves you!

What song is your favorite?

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