A Blog Full Of Wieners: It’s National Hot Dog Day!

If you know me at all, you probably know that I love Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish & the Hot Dog Flavored Water. I’m actually kidding (because LB was always awful in my mind) but the name of that album is pretty funny. Also, today is National Hot Dog Day so I thought that opening with “hot dog flavored water” would be pretty funny but it really isn’t.

P much my Saturday night right there ^

I guess today I am just going to show you a bunch of weener-y themed things because I am lazy and I have a lot of stuff to do that no one will ever see because that’s what I do here. So, let us look at some festive hot dog stuff and have a party. Yay!

Here is my favorite hot dog gif ever of all time:

I used that gif in a hot dog party blog I wrote that had hella food in it:

Yay Vegan Weenz!

And now here are a bunch of hot dog related things that aren’t really related to anything at all:

I feel this way often:

I think if I woke up next to this, I would die a lot:

Taking a bite out of life, as per usual:

Hot Dog Princess:

A hot dog t shirt that I want:

Some for reals hot dogs:

Because you knew this was happening:

And this is a thing:

And I am pretty much done. I had to go through all kinds of hentai and naked dudes with hot dog bunz on their man bits just to make this blog so you better like it.

Happy National Hot Dog Day!