Birthday Boy Blow Out: Eggs Benedict & Jared Padawhatever

Two things are happening today. These things are VERY import. Firstmostly, Benedict Cumberpatch fell out of the sky and landed here on da erf way back in 1976. He has been in a lot of things that I am not even going to get into because I only care about Sherlock. Have you seen Sherlock?

Please dont say

Anyway, Sherlock is sassy AF and he always says the weirdest shit that speaks to my soul

And he has a friend that means well but then well, you know what happened after this:

and I thought everyone figured out the ending of this season because hello it was pretty obvi ^^

oh also the Sherlock fandom is like, OUT OF CONTROL

and they make wonderful things like the above. Yay!

And now, let us talk about Jared Padalecki from Supernatural

God Bless whomever made this:

Anyway, Jared plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural. This section could potentially be very long but I am not going to do that to you because no. Just enjoy these gifs:

and this is how I feel right now:

and now this:

and this

Happy Birthday Boys!

Feel free to leave your favorite Sherlock or Supernatural gifs below for maximum birthday times. Bye!