After 17 Years, Mazzy Star Releases New Single From New Album

The popular 90s band, Mazzy Star, released their last studio album, Among My Swan, is 1996 ,but they aren’t finished yet! The band most famous for their 90’s hit, Fade Into You, off of So Tonight That I Might See, recently announced their comback with their new album, Seasons of Your Day. The band gave their fans a sneak peak of what to expect of the new album with their new single, California. Like a lot of the band’s old material, the song has a very eerie and calming vibe to it, which always makes for a good Mazzy Star song! Take a listen!

I was very excited to hear that all of the founding members will be returning to make the band’s fourth studio album, Seasons of Your Day. This will be the fans first time to really see Mazzy Star again since thier string of shows around Cochella last year. Here is the track list for Seasons of Your Day, which is described as “Music for lovers, music for borken hearts”.

1. “In the Kingdom”2. “California”3. “I’ve Gotta Stop”4. “Does Someone Have Your Baby Now”5. “Common Burn”6. “Seasons of Your Day”7. “Flying Low”8. “Sparrow”9. “Spoon”10. “Lay Myself Down”

Mazzy Star will be releasing North American and European tour dates for this fall. The music video for the album’s first single “California” is due to come out sometime in August. Seasons of Your Day will be released September 24, 2013. I can’t wait to hear Mazzy Star’s new work!

Do you like the band’s new single “California” and are you excited about the return of Mazzy Star?



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