5 Pretty Big Celebs That Guest Starred On ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Dawson’s Creek is my favorite teen soap and I still re-watch my DVD set to see the magic of Pacey and Joey. Anyway, each time I re-watch the series I seem to notice another guest star that has made a name for themselves since appearing on the show — or a guest star that was red-hot at the moment.

Here’s a look at a few; but first….

1. Rachel Leigh Cook, Devon.

The model that Joey had to draw naked in art class who ended up getting cast as Sam in Dawson’s second film.

2. Tony Hale, doctor.

Tony’s character didn’t have a name but he had to deliver some news on Jen’s health in the series finale. Let’s just say his role as Buster on Arrested Developement or Gary on Veep is nothing like this role.

3. Jane Lynch, Mr. Witter.

Jane played Pacey’s rude mother who forgot his favorite meal for his 18th birthday party. Pacey always had the worst luck with birthdays.

4. Michael Pitt, Henry Parker.

Awe, the little freshmen who had a crush on Jen Lindley and sold his Doug Flute mouthpiece to kiss Jen at homecoming. Don’t worry they end up dating.

5. Jensen Ackles, C.J.

This one is what inspired all of this because of everyone’s Supernatural posts. Jensen played C.J. — and he was a bad dude ladies. Very attractive but was not a good dude to Jen and caused some drama for the group of friends.

So there are a few that I thought Buzznet would care about.

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