5 Of The Best Moments From The Mickey Mouse Club!

Hey Music Lovers,

JT, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Jc Chasez, and Britney Spears fans unite. I am about to take you back in time to when life was may “awesome-er” and filled with lots of interesting outfits…The Mickey Mouse Club Days!!

1. This song has all of my favorite people in it…the boys I used to have plastered on my walls that is.

2. Justin and Britney…they had NO idea they’d end up being one of the biggest couples ever. so crazy!

3. Christina singing Whitney Houston!

4. Ryan and Justin acting…I wonder how Ryan got his accent thing he has if he didn’t have it then?

5. Last but not least…Ryan gosling gets a pie to hsi face…YUP!

What video was your favorite? Did you ever watch The MMC?

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