My 4th of July Photo Blog

I dunno about you guys, but I had a FANTASTIC 4th of July this year! I’m going to be honest, it’s been rainy and gross in Nashville for days and days, and my friends and I were pretty discouraged about Independance day this year. Last year, I had this great pool party out at the farm my parents own thats south of the city, and this year I was hoping to have another one because the last one was such a huge hit. Then the weather report hit, and I almost told everyone to figure out other plans because it didn’t seem very fun to be stuck inside all day with nothing to do. Nonetheless, I had everyone come out anyway, and we had THE BEST 4TH OF JULY EVER thanks to one of my brilliant friends bringing her version of a Slip N Slide. Yeah not one of those dinky Toys R Us ones…. we had a 100ft long tarp that we covered in dish soap. That mixed with the rain the came down all day, and we had ourselves a gigantic adult sized Slip N Slide that entertained us for hours. Enjoy the photos of me and all my awesome friends having ourselves a good ole country style 4th in the pouring rain!!!!!!!!

The style choices of slip n sliding are just incredible, and yes we were COVERED in mud by the end of it. We had such a blast! I have such a great group of friends and we made the very best of our rainy situation. Next time you have a rainy day give this a try!! You won’t regret it!!!