The 1975 Premiere New Explicit ‘Sex’ Music Video

The 1975 have released a new music video for the single, “Sex.” The original video, shot all in black and white, was simply performance shots and was defiantly rated G. The new version tells a story of a young dysfunctional/passionate couple and includes some more graphic images with adult content. You know sex, drugs and rock and roll. I’d say it’s more of a PG-13/R rating. If you remember the Mayday Parade video for the single, “Kids In Love”— it’s similar to that.

Also it sounds like they have rerecorded the song! Anxious for their debut self-titled record to come out this September. #musicrules.

Anyway you can watch the new version here and watch the original below.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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