The 1975 Play The Troubadour In LA: ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’

Back in March I had the pleasure of seeing The 1975 for the first time with about 80 other people in Austin, TX during SXSW. That week, the Manchester natives played at least six different shows creating tons of buzz for themselves for the following months. Now on the brink of their debut album release and taking over the world, The 1975 have come back to the US and even more Americans are falling in love with their infectious sound and exhilarating live show. Last night’s sold out show at The Troubadour proved they’re going to be huge in the US very soon.

Let me put it this way, I danced for 50 minutes straight because that was the only way my body could react to their contagious sound.

When they first took the stage several fans welcomed front man Matt Healy to the stage — and he was immediately taken aback. As the set got started, it was obvious (and endearing) that Matt was pleased with how many people in the crowd knew the lyrics to songs outside of their singles. Although there was not much conversation, Matt did make a comment that this LA show was “a long time coming” and shared his gratitude for the crowd’s enthusiastic participation.

Live they sounded fantastic and we were treated to a few new songs of their up coming self-titled album. The song “Girls” stood out the most among the sampling of new material. My favorite moment of the set was the love song, “Robbers.” The power ballad made me feel like I was in a film. Honestly, the song is the perfect soundtrack to a love story and I couldn’t take my eyes off Matt. As he delivered the lines, “Now if you want one more time/Will give you one more fight,” I had chills up and down my body. It was defiantly a “moment” in the set. To close out the night “Sex,” “Chocolate,” and “You” sent the crowd into a frenzy of dancing and singing. Most of “Chocolate” didn’t require Matt to sing because everyone knew the words and was participating. It was also a moment where the entire band really let lose.

I hadn’t danced that much at a show in a while, and it was a wonderful reminder of why I LOVE live music. The gratification of a band playing live, that in turn make you feel something and sending all of that pulsing energy right back to them on stage is a sensation I will never become bored with. The 1975 are the perfect example of a band to check out if you want that sort of experience. Their goal of sounding like an 80s movie was a success. I danced, I sang, I feel in love, I felt infinite — and I left wishing I could hit rewind and experience it again and again. #musicrules.

*Their self-titled album will be avalible on September 3rd.

** Sorry guys, we didn’t have a photographer there so these photos are just from my iPhone.

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