15 Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You Won’t Believe

#15 Eye See You

One word? Freaky! The hyper-realism of this tattoo makes you have to look twice…or three times.. And then quickly look away.

#14 Operation Time

This hyper-realistic tattoo is quite gross to look at, but the skill and realistic detail has to be admired. Spooky!

#13 Got a Pen?

That’s right, this pen is simply a tattoo! It looks extremely realistic though. We guess this man often has people asking him if they can borrow his pen…

#12 Two Mouths?

Yikes! This guy has two mouths, or so it seems. This tattoo is just plain crazy!

#11 Creepy Crawly

Imagine the reactions of strangers when they see this woman’s tattoo. We can imagine she receives a lot of frightened looks and shrieks!

#10 Monster

It seems as though there is a monster inside of this person, just waiting to be unleashed! Scary!

#9 Metal Fan

There is a common theme amongst hyper-realistic tattoos of man vs machine, and this is the perfect example!

#8 Zip It

Freaky, but a cool concept! We love the realistic detail of this zipper tattoo.

#7 Terminator

Man or machine? We love this realistic Terminator-inspired tattoo.

#6 Revealed

We love this tattoo, not only for the meaningful words, but the cracked and peeling paint effect surrounding the star.

#5 Spinal

Obviously an anatomy fan, this person thought they’d show everyone how their spinal cord looks!

#4 Spiderman Can!

Wow! It seems like this Spiderman fan went a step further than most. This looks super realistic!

#3 Hooked

Ouch! Before you worry too much about this hook in the foot, just remember, it’s only a hyper-realistic tattoo!

#2 Nailed It

This person decided to “nail it” when they got tattooed – quite literally! Lucky it’s just a tattoo, because it certainly looks painful.

#1 Statue Ink

How amazing does this statuesque tattoo look? We love the hyper-realistic carved detail!

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