13 Reasons Why Phoebe Buffay Is The Most Unique Friend You Could Ever Have

Actress Lisa Kudrow is 50 today! To honor her talent, and to thank her for bringing Phoebe Buffay of Friends to life, here are 13 reasons why Phoebe is the most uniqe friend you could ever have.

Yes, you Phoebe.

1. She decided Phoebe wasn’t unique enough so she changed her name.

2. She believes aliens are out there.

3. She may not be athletic, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being active.

4. She has a smooth approach when hitting on a cute guy.

5. She has a sixth sense for strange things.

… but also for useful things.

6. She can find a connection with anyone… from a past life.

7. She ended up with Mike and he’s just as unique as she is.

8. She has strange reactions to simple things.

9. She has a wild imagination.

9. She has her own moves.

10. She looks at things from a different point of view.

11. She has a record.

12. She is best know for her songwriting.

… her very strange (but imformative) songwriting.

13. And she has some strange DIY projects under her belt.

But aside from all of that, Phoebe is the kind of friend that knows what’s important.

And all of that makes Ms. Buffay a real keeper : )

Happy Birthday Lisa!

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Happy Birthday Lisa Kudrow