10 Reasons To Love 50 Cent: Birthday Edition

Happpppy July 6th AKA HAPPY BIRTHDAY Curtis Jackson…AKA 50 Cent!

1. He relates his love to something I LOVE…CAKE!

2. He has created a song that WE ALL have played or sang during every birthday ever since about 2003…

3. Due to a terrible shooting he now confidently rocks this adorable dimple.

4. He gives back to charity, gotta love a good hearted person.

5. He can be in songs with Adam Levine and it’s not weird

6. His accomplishments over the years are quite impressive.

7. His friendship with Eminem is just welll…EPIC.

8. He loves his son…ps his son is older now but I thought this photo was so cute!!

“Kids are an opportunity to make a better version of yourself…”

his son now: WOAH twins!

9. This happened and I LOVE Chelsea Handler

10. He is a positive person!

So lets all enjoy this sunday and wish the very talented and succesful man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

What are your thoughts on 50 cent?