The Yin & Yang Of Summer Solstice

I loved this post from Free People’s blog on “The Yin & Yang Of Summer Solstice” it’s exactly what I was looking for in preparation I know you guys will love it as much as I do! Here is what to expect..

Today’s equinox marks our transition into summer, and with it, a shift in energy. We move from spring, marked by a perfect balance between yin and yang, into summer, the season of yang. But what does this mean? By studying the characteristics of yang energy, we can understand what things to enjoy, what precautions to take, and how to keep it all in balance for the summer months ahead.

Yin and Yang Explained

In simple terms, yin and yang are the two energies present in everything. They are both opposite, but equal, and one cannot exist without the other. Over time, balance between the two ebbs and flows like a wave. The energy is never static, but rather shifting from one to the other, and existing together. Night moves into day, heat becomes cool, the puddles become dry, and seasons change from one to the next. Both yin and yang are marked by specific characteristics that can help you define when one is more present than the other, and also when they are in equal balance.

Yang in Summer

Yang energy is fiery and hot. It’s light over darkness, energetic and active. It is also characterized as dry. During summer months this manifests itself in long, hot days. Plants sprouted in spring are full of yang energy to finally bear fruit. As humans, we feel passionate and tend to be more interactive and social. Energy is at a high, and we stay out late to dance it off under the moon.

Opportunities to Seize

Take advantage of your added energy at this point in the year. It’s a great time to start new projects and enjoy being active. The aura around you is bright and joyous. Soak it up, share it around, and keep a little stowed away for when you’ll need it in the winter months.

Keeping Yang in Balance

Be careful not to let yang’s energy scorch you too much. Yang in excess will dry up your insides, and can make you prone to illness associated with heat such as headaches, dehydration, infections, fevers, and irritability. Try to bring yin energy into the situation to balance things out. Drink plenty of water or dive into a pool. Eat foods that have a coolness to them like mint, basil, and juicy fruits and vegetables. While it’s good to absorb that yang energy, pay attention to your body and make sure it isn’t getting overloaded with it. If things feel out of whack, pick a slow, more meditative yoga practice over running at high sun. The earth is also characterized by yin energy, and connecting yourself to it will help you feel balanced. Go barefoot, try your hand at gardening, or let your friends bury you in the sand.

Final Words

As we experience solstice, get ready for all that is to come. As yang takes reign, welcome in the summer. We are about to enter into a beautiful time of year, full of enjoyment and happiness. Just remember to bring in yin so that you can experience it to its fullest. Happy summer solstice, everyone!