What I Wore: Neon Pony

Shirt: Vintage, Shoes: YES Solestruck, Shorts: Zara, Bag: Moschino, Necklaces: Karen London, H&M, Ring: Street Vendor NYC, Earrings: Crystal Cactus Coming Soon

I was running around the city going to furniture auctions this day. Im looking to redo my house by replacing IKEA furnature with vintage! It was 96 degree’s out, too hot to be in old warhouses without AC. I did find some great stuff for my front porch! I will do a photo tour of it soon as it’s completed this month. Currently eating oranges and ignoring my email in box as it’s overflowing content on Monday’s is not the most enjoyable activity to start the week. Im meeting with my sample maker and dye house in a few says to get the first collection of my new line produced! It seems like when you stop putting a time stamp and money needs on everything and do it for the creative aspect everything falls into place. My best advice in making a living out of being some type of artist is.. create from your heart and the money will follow. Don’t do things to make a quick buck, or to be trendy. Stay true to yourself and the universe will reward you.. I PROMISE!