Who Wore It Better: Rihanna vs. Gwen Stefani

With black and white as the reigning trend, it’s no surprise two of the most fashionable women in music recently rocked the same thing. Rihanna and Gwen Stefani both wore this look from Balmain recently. Rihanna wore the leather pants and crop to on a German TV show, while Gwen stepped out in the stylish number at the premiere of The Bling Ring.

Rihanna styled her pants with a Chanel belt, while Gwen stuck to the bulkier accessory that was shown on the runway. Gwen got a little funkier with her footwear, donning gold-accented heels and tucking the hem of her pants into her shoe straps, while Rihanna kept it simple with black sandals. Both let the outfit shine, and kept accessories and hair and makeup pretty basic.

Who rocked this look best?

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