This Week In Miley Cyrus Short Shorts

Life can be tough. Life can be boring. Life can be sad. But there are certain things that we have to look forward to. Things like a tasty dessert, or an unexpectedly good movie. Another thing we can ALWAYS depend on are ever fascinating fashion choices by our girl, Miley.

Donning multiple pairs of shorty-short-shorts this week, she never lets us down. Seen below on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live in a 2Pac tee and gigantor Chanel bag:

She then changed into this number:

Next in our chronicles we have the furry AND glittery sandals, which sort of go with her angora sweater booty huggers that she switched into later for her GMA performance.

I’m kind of loving them! They’re sort of like gorgeous expensive baby diaper shorts the Little Lord Fauntleroy would wear with his ringlet curls and knee-high socks while licking a giant lolly. My instincts want to judge her, but my heart says that she is PULLING.IT.OFF.

You can see her outfits in action in the performances below:

Miley on Jimmy Kimmel

Miley on Good Morning America

Are you loving Miley’s fashion reinvention? Which of these looks is your totes-fave?