Top Ten Music Videos From 2013 (So Far)

I literally listen to music 24-7 and am a huge fan of music videos…HELLO TRL COME BACK!!!!

I decided to make a post for you all on what I feel are the best music videos of 2013 so far. This was really hard for me because I feel like there are 34235 thousand amazing videos from 2013 BUT here are 10 in no particular order that I feel are….

1. I HAD to chose this one because…HELLO Justin Timberlake IS BACK AND I LOVE HIM!!

2. This one is from The Maine, it came out today and I literally am in love with the realness of this.

3. I don’t care what you say, this song is catchy and I definitely laughed at the video, get it Drake!

4. I had to include our boys in Pierce The Veil because this song rules and the video is pretty funny.

5. Ahhh here is a really good one from Twenty One Pilots 🙂

6. Welcome back FOB and thank you for this WEIRD but rad music video.

7. This is currently one of my favooooorite bands, The 1975, ugh this song too..SO GOOD GAH I CAN’T HANDLE IT!

8. YUP another amazing band, saw them live recently and fell even more in love, I present you ‘Sweater Weather’ from The Neighbourhood!

9. It would be wrong for me to make this and not include a band I know you all love so much, All Time Low!

10. Last but certainly not least here is a good one from Paramore!! le sigh, loveee.

Which video is YOUR favorite?!