Thought Blog: Growing Up + Happy Father’s Day!

Today is a special Sunday for many of us. Whether we are excited about Tupac‘s birthday, our last day before work or sending some extra love to our dads for Father’s Day…it is a great day right?!

I have had a crazy (almost 24) years of my life yet I would take not ONE of them back. Every single event, person and lesson has shaped me to be who I am today.

That little nugget of a person up there is me… I was born 3 months early on July 4th..CRAZY huh? I was only 2.5 pounds and got even smaller too. I was only able to eat through a feeding tube, my eyes were fused, and I wasn’t able to cry yet since my vocal chords wern’t fully devoloped basically I was a baby kitten haha!

After about 3 months of living in an incubator at the hospital my family was able to take me home…honestly it was all a miracle. My mom was only 15 when she had me and somehow her, my dad and family found the strength and hope to keep me happy, healthy and alive.

As you see I decided that cheerios and chocolate milk were delicious and had NO PROBLEM getting to a healthy weight haha! I remember being obsessed with anything Disney and Mickey at this point…

This is a lovely photo of me my mom and my dad, even though they never stayed together I seriously have NO IDEA what I would do without either of them. It feels crazy to look back now and realize that everytime they said no and I thought it was the end of the world…it really wasn’t. Even though sometimes it feels like the world and even more specifically your parents are against you, you have to just stay positive.

Everything is for a reason and is un folding in the exact way it is supposed to.

That incredible woman on the right there is my Nauna, she is also now my angel. I was blessed to have gotten to spend SO MANY years with her and learn some of the most valuable lessons. Every day that woman continues to guide me in her own creative ways, whether or not you believe in all that…I sure do!

Grandparents are not only good for sneaking you cookies and pinching your butt when you’re little but they really have the most knowledge…PICK THEIR BRAINS! Those people used to get by WITHOUT A CELL PHONE and “walked 5 miles up hill in the snow”, if anyone has been through it, it is your grandparents!

This handsome man…that’s my dad! His name is Joseph, he is probably one of the most supportive and understanding humans I have in my life. We definitely have had a rollercoaster of ups and downs but no matter what, he understood my dreams and my vision from day 1. Dad, if you’re reading this…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As hard as it is to not let growing up get the best of you, you need to really just take a deep breath and think about how incredible it is to grow up. You were put into the world and given a family or even just a group of amazing people to grow up with, you get to learn from these people for free. You get to learn the hardest lessons in life and challenge yourself. It really is amazing. Whether you were like me and had a miracle happen the second you were born or you go through multiple miracles in a lifetime…it is real and it is ALL beautiful. At the end of the day YOU are HERE and you are unique and incredible 🙂

I hope that today whether you are with family, friends or just enoying a nice solo day you realize that you are never alone and no matter what age people are, they are still growing up too!

Happy dad day to all the papas out there!!