Swooning Over Sunday: The Ugly Club

I turned to my internet fambam a couple weeks ago and asked some of my followers about who they were digging lately. One of the bands that came into my mentions was, The Ugly Club. I of course headed to Spotify and have been swooning ever since.

I’am more than willing to join Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Rick Sue-Poi, Ryan McNulty and Joey Stasio in the Ugly Club. Their funky guitar rifts, and retro beats make me want to stroll through the streets of New York.

‘You Belong To The Minutes” is one of my favorite tracks!

The reason why I’m swooning over them is because of their realness and creativity for music. Most artist stick to what they know, but The Ugly Club has so many influences and magic tricks up their sleeve. They some how have found this balance of keeping THEIR sound but also changing it up with each song. One could sound really electronic then you switch to the next one and it’s totally danceable rock but then the next one sounded almost country (They’re not country).

So that’s who I’m Swooning over on this lovely Sunday! I’m headed to Nashville on Tuesday to cover CMA Fest! You can check and see what I’m up to on Twitter, @Gabbiebrown