Swooning Over Sunday: MONA

This Sunday I’m swooning over MONA, If you love all things retro but modern day rock, these are your guys. The band is made up of Nick, Vince, Zach, and Jordan.

I’ve been hearing their new single, ‘Goons (Baby, I Need It All) on my radio A LOT lately and I’ve been swooning like no tomorrow. Not to mention, how rad is the video for the song? I want to be on the list to this basement party.

Nick Brown, (No we’re not related) is killing it vocally. He’s like the modern day verison of Danny Zuko/Elvis but has the voice of Bruce mixed with Axl Rose (80’s dream team). Everything just works perfectly with them. MONA has found this unique balance and I’m ready for them to take over the world. The guitar rifts, drums, bass it all just WORKS!

I would highly suggest checking out ‘Lean Into The Fall’ it’s my favorite track by them. They’re getting ready to release their new record, “Tourches and Pitchforks” on July 23rd and Yes, I’ve pre ordered It. I’m also excited to check them out live at The Basement in Columbus next week. I’ve never seen them live but have heard great stuff from friends.

So what do you guys think of MONA? Are you swooning?