Summer Hair Inspiration: Lavender Or Turquoise Hair? I Can’t Decide!

Let me start this off by saying I am absolutely obsessed with pastel hair. There’s a fine line though, between that effortless cool of 90s grunge and an anime rave princess. Both are cool but my aesthetic leans towards the former (despite my love for all things Kawaii) and I’m always trying to acquire that just-faded-enough-but-not-too-faded hair color. Let me tell you – it’s hard. My hair is always 3 different colors unintentionally, or pretty bright. Right now it’s some version of cotton candy that’s part faded pink, white and light blue. Basically I need to dye it ASAP.

I must redye my hair before tour but I can’t decide how I want it. I’m always switching between some form of pinkish purple or blueish green, but I want light, pretty, summer mermaid hair. I can spend all my hours looking at the most enviable shades of lavender (how does Kelly Osbourne keep her hair that color?) and flipping through Pinterst pages (seriously, how do those girls do it?) but I’m so indesisive.

So guys give me your hair advice. What color do I go for? Lavender or turquoise? Both are so pretty but I don’t know which would feel more “me.”