Summer 2013 Bucket List: Share Yours!

Working in an office every day makes me want to tear my hair out, so I decided to squeeze the awesome out of every minute of my summer weekends. I find that having things to look forward to makes the weekdays pass more quickly. I recommend this to everyone with a full time job and also to anyone who loves things that are fun. So basically, everyone… unless you’re one of those weird people who doesn’t like fun, in which case, enjoy your herd of cats and books about knitting.

This summer, I’m making a bucket list and doing my best to check off every activity on this list, so I can have the best summer ever. Some of these things I’ve already done this summer, and some I haven’t… so I’ll keep updating and crossing things off the list! Here it is… 🙂

1. Go to Europe

2. Book as many trips as my wallet can handle without getting myself fired

3. Meet the Buzznet girls

4. Spend some time with my niece every week

5. Have a picnic at Ladeux Gardens

6. Visit a vineyard

7. Spend the day on a boat

8. Pick fresh flowers to put in my house every week

9. Hike once a week

10. Explore my city like a tourist

11. Try at least 5 new restaurants in Baltimore

12. Ride my bike to work instead of driving

13. Take a girls trip

14. Have a crab feast

15. Visit the ocean

…to be continued… 🙂

What’s on your summer bucket list??

Leave me a comment below!