Solange Knowles Please Give Me Your Hair

I’m just going to come out and say it, I WANT TO BE SOLANGE KNOWLES. I don’t even care to be Beyonce because Solange is where it’s at. I am obsessed with probably everything about this chick. Her style, music and most of all, HER HAIR. If i could have one wish at the moment it might just be to have her hair magically appear on my head. I love how she rocks and afro. No one rocks an afro like Solange. This weekend, Solange braced the stage at the 6th annual Roots Picnic at the Festival Pier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rocking braids. Now, if theres one thing I love just as much as an afro, it’s braids. I can’t decide what I love more on her the braids or that outfit. Solange rules, that is all.

Is anyone else as obsessed with her hair as I am?

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