Signs That You Are A True Warped Tour Warrior

So, it’s that time of year again and we’re all:

It feel’s like 2012 was just yesterday but tis already time for 2013.

And you’re all, ermagerrrd, what am I going to weaaaar?!

Vans? Converse? Boots?

Then you remember, WWHWD? (What would Hayley Williams do?)

(The answer is to be generally awesome and rad beyond belief.)

Then you remember that ON TOP of looking cute you have to deal with it being 2,000 degrees. Pretty much the apocalypse.

But then you’re like:

You spend every day leading up to the tour at your desk like:

The day FINALLY COMES and it’s better than Christmas.

You gather all of your pals and drive there like a maniac:

And when they take your ticket at the front you’re all:

You rush to the pit to get your moves on:

You’re immediately dehydrated, buy water, and do this:

You buy all the merch ever, obviously:

But then you’re like:

Maybe you’ll get to meet some of your favez people and tell them you love them:

But remember, keep it cool. Maybe do this:

Instead of this:

On the way home you are still bouncing off the wallz:

Then you go home and put your ticket in a box with allllllllll of your other concert keepsakes and memories:

And then…we wait…

What are YOU most excited about this year at Warped? (COMING TO THE BUZZNET TENT OBBBVIOUSLY)