Shop Spotlight: Earth Bound Trading Company

This weekend, when I was on vacation, I came across the store, Earthbound Trading Company, and had a total shopping spree! This store has so much to offer, such as accessories, clothes, home decor, aromas, crystals,dreamcatchers and much more! What really compelled me to go into the store was how everything was so unique and how so many of the products were handmade and made out of recyclable materials! Also, the store has a very relaxing atmospheree that will make you want to shop there for hours! I splurged a little and bought many thing,s such as braclets, a ring, high wasted pants, a dress, a ying yang wallet made completely out of recycleable lmaterials, a gold head piece, and a sign that said “Hippies Use Sidedoor”.

Earthbound Trading Company does not have an online store since they would like each shopper to experience there unique in-store atmosphere, but don’t let that stop you! You can easlily find a location near you by visiting their on-line website // and typing in your zip code.

Here is a photo gallery of all the different, unique, products Earthbound Trading Company has to offer! I hope you check it out for yourself sometime!