Royal Ascot Hats

During this time of year in Ascot( UK) are organized horserace. This is huge event for the Royal Ladies and sponsored guests. Ladies wear faboulous, beautiful and crazy hats. I believe that you should see it.

Pixie Lott

“Big hats and fancy frocks are an integral part of Royal Ascot and organizers of Britain’s glamorous racehorse meeting want to keep it that way by charging for fashion failures this year.

Royal Ascot, a 300-year-old highlight of Britain’s social calendar attended by Queen Elizabeth and other royals, has taken a stand against shrinking skirts and novelty outfits, issuing strict guidelines about what to wear to the five-day event.

In the Grandstand, where tickets start from 43 pounds ($65), the rules stipulate no strapless dresses or bare midriffs for women and no branded clothing or fancy dress while skirts must be a “modest” length and men need a shirt and tie.”

Danielle Lineker

“Anyone breaking the rules of dress can expect a tap on the shoulder by one of 20 dress-code assistants standing at the entrance with a not-to-be-refused offer to buy a tie or pashmina for five pounds or rent a hat or waistcoat for a refundable 50 pounds on return of the clothing.”

What do you think about these hats?

Larisa Katz

Arizona Muse

Queen Elizabeth II

Isabell Kristensen

Harriadnie Beau

Tracy Rose

Lady Helen Windor

Larisa Katz

Genie Williams

Tracey Rose

And Zac Efron!!!!