So many crazy things to see on our roads here !!! I was driving on the parkway today and came upon this accident. No big trucks are allowed to drive on this road because we have very low bridges that the cars drive under. Well this huge tractor trailer tried to go under one and it ripped the top right off. Of course it closed down that side and slowed down the traffic on my side !!

Some crazy license plates or stickers 😀

We have a lot of TV and movie producers living here and I took this in Oyster Bay and they were filming the movie NOAH there. Could this be someone from that movie ? LOL

Montauk Point is the END of Long Island, so everyone gets a sticker when they go there 😀

Love My Girls 😀

OH MY !!! I broke the law at Burger King 😀

You can’t see it in this photo but there is a bicycle on the top side of the building. We have lot’s of stores that repair and sell bicycles here 😀

I’m not sure what this one means but it looked interesting 😀

Just one of the old houses in my town on Main Street 😀

I guess they have 3 kids 😀

The Funky Monkey Store ….. They sell childrens toys and books 😀

Driving though most of our towns here you can find just about any kind of Ethnic restaurant. I love Greek food : )

MEWS always show up 😀

One of the many historic houses in Huntington. This style of architecture is quite common on Long Island : )

Just past that blue awning is the Thatched Cottage it’s well hidden behide the trees at this angle : )

It’s odd to have a Chinese restaurant in an old historic house, it’s in Kings Park close to where the old psychiatric center is 😀

Well today I saw some plates that I wasn’t able to get photos of …….. LADY ESQ – That would be a woman lawyer ……. BOYZ …… And a very interesting one JULZRULZ ….. But the best I think was CHILLLLL ……. We are allowed up to 8 letters or numbers or both combined on our Vanity Plates here. I hope you found something fun and interesting in my 2nd ON THE ROAD blog 😀