Are YOU Ready for Season 4 Of Pretty Little Liars?

Get ready, y’all and hold onto your hats because our favorite shiny-haired Little Liars are BACK tonight! The explosive season 3 finale was a doozy, so Season 4 is bound to be even crazier. We rounded up the best GIF-able moments of the past 3 seasons as a little warmup. If you just can’t wait, check out the trailer for Season 4, and be sure to tune in to the summer premiere TONIGHT at 7/8c!

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Sad Hannah! Even when Ashley Benson is upset, her hair is still AH-MA-ZING.

That’s right, Spencer. Eat your own cheese fries. You EARNED those cheese fries. Get it!

This is how we feel if we read Season 4 spoilers.

Close, Hannah. Very close.

We know lying is bad, but Aria makes a pretty strong case for it.

Hey, Liars…

A is watching.