Oracle Goddess Reading Of The Week: AERACURA

Goddess Aeracura – Blossoming / You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up. In many ways you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow. Don’t rush this process, as it is part of your beautiful path.

In our world today we all want instant gratification. By having that we miss the true wonder in the waiting. We miss the fun, joy and hope in taking our time and enjoying each step. So this card comes to remind us that we should try to look at the tasks we have at hand and enjoy them. Take some quiet time today and look at the things you have been missing.

Slow down a little bit, learn to breathe; have patience; perhaps get into the garden and pull some weeds, this may clear your thoughts a little; OR clean out closets and things in your house. Make room for new growth. Use some floral fragrances to help lift your mood and fill your house with beautiful things. Light pink candles in her honor. Most of all, have faith!