New Empire of the Sun Album Is Pure Synthpop Bliss

Empire Of The Sun are back with a brand spankin’ new album full of all of the elements that I love: earth, wind and synthpop!

Ice On The Dune is the second album from Sydney natives Empire of the Sun. Their 2008 debut, Walking On A Dream, has been making it’s way into the indie/synthpop/EDM scene within the past couple of years. While Walking On A Dream is and always will be a favorite, I think they have really outdone themselves with their sophomore effort. I’m already on my third listen and I have no intentions of stopping the music anytime soon. With lyrics like “loving every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive,” it’s needless to say how I feel at this point. Ice on the Dune is pure synthpop bliss. I almost wish they titled this album ‘Walking On A Dream’ because that is exactly what listening to it feels like!

I wanted to give an honest album review in the best way possible, but how can you articulate something that needs to be felt with your own heart and heard with your own ears? My opinion should not matter to you, but I’m hoping you’ll check it out anyway for your own benefit.

Press play! ♥

What are your thoughts on Ice On The Dune?

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