Neon Nail Trend: Essie 2013

I go through the FUNNIEST phases, and my current obsession is nail polish!!! The reason this is hilarious is because for the past oh i dunno, SIX YEARS, I’ve been the girl with black nail polish on at all times. I started branching out with a bright red nail color (that’s rock n roll, right?!) and now i’m in full on nail mania mode and can’t stop changing up the colors! May the warm weather is inspiring some brighter shades, but it’s definitely nice to have a pop of color on my hands after years of being a black-only girl.

I’m currently into Essie’s Neon 2013 collection. I love EVERY color, and i’m having so much playing around with them all! My challenge to you is to pick the riskiest color, something you might never pick, and try it out!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to check out the collection. ‘Bouncer, It’s Me!’ is my fav that i’m currently wearing!

Which color will you try out?!