Music Monday: Flint Eastwood

Check out Flint Eastwood. I heard about this band through a couple friends that saw them live. This band is from Michigan which is home to Detroit Rock City (KISS said so.) The song I really like is entitled “Billy The Kid” with vocal hooks through out the verses and chorus’ this song really just makes me want to dance or goto a rave.

The other song I found really cool was off of their bandcamp page. It’s called ‘Secretary’ and has what I feel to be a White Stripes meet early dance hip hop beats. Coming out of the gate swinging the opening lines are “Boy I ain’t your secretary, I dont please no one but me. Boy I aint your female dog, so quit bitchin.” Expect an EP out this summer.

Check them out on Facebook, YouTube & Band Camp.

What are you listening to this week?