Miley’s New Single Is Out!


We’ve been counting down the days and it’s finally here. Miley has been working hard for over a year on her new music, and I know she’s proud to finally put this out! It’s been so interesting to see where she started at last year when she first began writing for this new record, and I have to say that I am LOVING this new sound of hers and I think it’s going to make huge waves! I’m so excited for this song to be out, and she’s got more smashes that will be following this one later this year! But for now, let’s jam WE CAN’T STOP non-stop and celebrate Miley’s glorious return to music!

CLICK HERE to get the single on iTunes!

Miley is celebrating all day with a ton of fan interaction so make sure you catch some of it!

Here’s a still shot from the ‘We Can’t Stop’ video that Miley just shot! She’s also making a We Can’t Stop fan video that involves TWERKING and of course the new single! For a chance to be in it, go to her WEBSITE for details!!!!!!

What do you think of ‘We Can’t Stop‘ ???