Miley Cyrus Gets Down & Dirty: Twerks On Stage At Rapper Juicy J’s Concert

Homegirl Miley Cyrus got down and dirty Saturday night (June 8) at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, where rapper Juicy J performed. Miley braced the stage and started twerkin’ that booty to the hit song, “Bandz a Make Her Dance”. She is def not afraid to shake what her momma gave her. She is seen dropping very low and shaking her rump in the audiences’ face. I’m sure they didn’t mind. This isn’t the first time we have seen Miley twerk; back in April we saw her twerkin’ in a unicorn onesie and it’s safe to say this girl can shake it. Miley has been releasing her inner ghettofab side while being in the studio with Pharell, Tyler The Creator and Snoop Lion. Watch the most recent twerking video below!

Juicy J showed off his dancing partner on Instagram after the show. Also letting everyone know Miley gave a twerkin’ performance and just how cray cray the crowd went!

How do you guys feel about Miley’s inner ratchet side?