Michelle Branch’s ‘Hotel Paper’ Turns 10!

Ten years ago today, on June 24, 2003, Michelle Branch released her second studio album, Hotel Paper. I remember having Hotel Paper on repeat that whole summer, as it was the first album I bought that I could relate to. I was 14 and I finally had an album of songs that reflected what I was feeling at that time. Hotel Paper, along with every single song of Branch’s, continues to inspire and get me through some rough days. We haven’t had a full length solo album from Michelle since 2003, and I’m hoping that will change with the long-awaited release of West Coast Time sometime this year!

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but I just find it to be so incredible that a whole album can have various meanings to you in the span of a lifetime. Songs that I’ve been listening to since I was 14 now hold something even bigger now than they have in the past. The cycle keeps on spinning. Sometimes we close a chapter with a song while other times, they are a never-ending reminder of the warriors that we are. Hotel Paper still resonates with me today, and that, my friends, is the power of a great album.

Please take a few minutes out of your day and listen to this album the whole way through. You can thank me later. 😉

What is your favorite song off of Hotel Paper?

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