Memories Over Money: Dani Goes To Vegas With The Jonas Brothers

Last weekend I got to learn something very important. Something that put me, my priorities, and happiness in check. So let me ask a few questions, how many times do you stay in at night because you’d rather play it safe on the couch? How many times have you declined a b-day invite because you only personally knew 3 people attending? How many times have you not went on that dinner date with the hot guy you met at the grocery store because you said you’d rather prep for work tomorrow? How many times have you been offered to go to Vegas with a group of your closest friends you also call family, and you almost said no because you wanted to work? THAT my friends, was ALMOST me last weekend. My old bosses and good friends, The Jonas Brothers, were planning to shoot a music video in Las Vegas and wanted all their friends to be apart of it. But I always stress out about work and making a living, that I pass up on a lot of social gatherings because of the want to make a dollar.

As Joe called and asked if this was something I’d want to come and do, I quickly answered yes, but then hesitated when I hung up. My 45 year old self said, no Dani, you should stay and work and go grocery shopping, then clean your apartment and wash your dog. But the 22 self said, GO, are you STUPID?! So after much deliberation between my two split personalities I decided to go. Upon coming back, I realized it was pretty much the best decision I have ever made. I had an incredible weekend in the sun, swimming, dancing and kickin’ it with all my buddies! I got to go and watch the Miss USA pageant! Nick was hosting with Giuliana Rancic which was so cool to see because I love hosting. Then the boys performed during some of the catwalks, which was so fun to see. We got to sit front row and cheer them on the whole time lol

I always complain about being bored and stuck in a routine. I know we all get there, because it’s comfortable. But being comfortable doesn’t come with a long lasting smile. You have to keep things fresh and alive! Take risks! Buy that pair of bright yellow shoes! Order that angel food cake at dinner! Go for a run in the rain! You are not going to make memories by sitting on the couch watching Sex & the City, multi tasking on Facebook and Twitter stalking your boyfriend’s Ex. . .(sorry to break it to you)

I had one of the greatest weekends ever. Laughing every minute of everyday being surrounded by people I love dearly. Everyone has these kinds of people around them too. Don’t be blind. Hold them close and go out and do things! We are all too young to be working so hard.

So I challenge you to shake things up once a week! Try to: Go to a new restaurant, order something new or go shopping and buy something that you would never think of getting!

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