The Maine Headline The 8123 Tour In Anaheim: ‘It Felt Like Love…’

With the self-release of the fourth LP Forever Halloween earlier this week, The Maine have packed up all their friends and hit the road with for The 8123 Tour.

Last night the tour kicked off in Anaheim, CA and they made it impossible for anyone leaving to ever doubt their ability to captivate a sold out crowd and inspire fans. I stood in awe of a band that invested in themselves and took matters into their own hands. Their new live show and album only proves once again they are onto something very special.

Photo by Kate Cordova, more here.

I have seen The Maine in the past and had very different experiences, some wonderful and some lackluster; but last night was the best I have ever seen them. I will also attribute the fact that I was standing on the stage behind Pat Kirch and his drum kit to the new eye opening experience. You see, just like The Maine, I am a fan of music for how it makes me feel and how someone’s story can connect with you and inspire you. When you’re standing that close to the action, you can see all the subtle moments of the performance that you miss when you’re standing in the crowd. The eye contact, the cohesion and at times the big genuine smiles from one member to another only showcase this band is alive because it’s in their blood. It was refreshing to be around bands that are a family and have sense of comradery. And The Maine’s comradery goes beyond the five young men you see in the promo photos. It seeps into the entire crew on the tour all working together to put on the best show possible.

The set was a wonderful mix of material featuring a few new songs off their latest album, Forever Halloween. Felt like a treat to hear some new songs this close to the album’s release because they came with a lot of punch and intensity. “Kennedy Curse” brought on a lot of passion and the poignant “These Four Words” made for a very beautiful and candid moment. When front man John O’Callaghan sat down to the piano alone on stage and started to play it almost felt as if we were intruding on a private moment. The song has such a strong narrative it felt intrusive to listen. He was spilling his guts out to a room filled with people. Those are the show moments fans remember for years to come, the ones where the artist has the gall to be venerable. Because that’s how you captivate people, by allowing them see a side of you they can relate to. To use their words, “ it felt like love.”

The Maine have certainly evolved into one of my favorite bands to see live over the past few years. They keep getting better at their craft and have a complete sense of that kind of band they are. Live they bring an experience for fans to keep them on a high for the next few days — and as a journalist they bring an experience that proves they are completely genuine and deserve their dedicated fanbase. If I had to invest in a band’s future it would be The Maine’s.

I urge all of you to see them live and pick up their new album Forever Halloween. It’s the kind of music that will stay with you — well, forever. #musicrules.

What do you think of The Maine’s live show and new album?

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