Lucy Hale: County Singer! Could She Be The Next T Swift?

I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan and thought I knew everything each one of them. I was wrong. Recently I found out that Lucy Hale aka Aria is a country girl! *SHOCKED* I had no idea she 1. grew up in Tennessee 2. singing is her first love and 3. has been recording a country album that will be released this fall. I guess because she is so rocker chic in PLL I just assumed she wasn’t country.

After reading Lucy’s, 23, interview with Seventeen Magazine I finally got all my facts straight. She is a country girl at heart and has always wanted to be a singer. She has secretly been recording an album that I am now very anxious to hear. Hale told the magazine, “My album is something I’m really, really proud of. I’ve intentionally been quiet about it because I want the music to speak for itself. People are either going to love or hate it”. I’m not a huge country fan but if she’s giving Taylor Swift a run for her money, I’m in.

After doing some further research on Lucy’s singing career. It was brought to my attention that she appeared on the show, American Juniors. WHO KNEW?! Not me. Take a look at the videos below if you haven’t seen for yourself yet either!

Did you guys know Lucy was a country girl?

Are you excited for her album?