Love Lives Forever Just Like Michael Jackson [4th Anniversary]

Four years ago, the whole world was shocked for have lost one of the biggest artists worldwide.

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25th, 2009 leaving his family, his three children and billion of fans. His doctor has been accused to have murdered the King of Pop for an overdose of medicines.

Exactly four years ago I was starting my high school graduation and for the whole day I had in my mind “Thriller” song and it was pretty hard to stay focused on my first written exam.

Michael was my mom’s myth since she was a teenager, she had Thriller’s poster fixed on the wall of her bedroom, she always says me: “My mom didn’t leave to fix my whole bedroom of posters like you, but she left me keep Michael’s one on my door” and also “I can’t get enough of Michael. I can be tired to watch his videos or listen his music”

Definitely Michael left a huge hole inside million people’s hearts but like I always like to repeat: he will never die if we keep alive his memory, remember about him and listening his music.

Michael was such a pure soul, too much good for this cruel world. He always tried to help anyone and tried to help the nature too, tortured by human beings.

But I always thought he belongs to the angels and to the heaven and for this reason he’s gone too soon!

Every time I think about Michael I think about pureness, peace, strength and power at the same time.

In the occasion of MJ’s 4th anniversary I thought to create this little gallery remember how great artist he was and still is, with 10 of his many records reached.

Love Lives Forever

1958 – Forever

What’s your Michael Jackson favorite song?