It’s A Little More Okay To Be Gay Today

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Paula Deen is a casual racist and now the Supreme Court decided that it didn’t have jurisdiction to hear California’s beloved Prop 8 case. That means that the ruling by the federal court in San Francisco which overturned the law banning same sex couples from marrying would stand. The Supreme Court decided to not tackle the constutionality of same sexy-ness couples marrying because reasons, I guess.

Confused? Me too, but that’s okay. We can hold each other.

So what does all this mean? It means things. We aren’t going to talk about The Defense of Marriage Act because I can’t think outside of my California bubble right now but it appears that same sex couples that are legally betrothed can now claim all these nifty benefits on the federal level. Instead, we are going to talk about the things that are going to happen now that LGBTQA peoples are starting to get some traction in their quest for equality.

Glitter is going to make a comeback. I mean what else do you throw in the air at gay weddings? Morals?

There’s going to be a shortage of rainbow flags but only in Weho and the Castro.

More small businesses and funny jibs from Satan – YES PLZ

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Grindr is probably going to explode as people log on to find husbears and cubsbands (maybe that’s Scruff)

Is there a stock for “puppy?” Because gay dudes LOVE buying puppies.

Dance parties are going to happen. Oh and then like, since the gays are doing it, everyone is going to want to rage out and no one will work anymore and then economies will crumble, no one will have kids anymore, and the human race WILL END.

Look. If you think anything other than people that love each other will get married, you need to GTFO. Nothing is going to happen. Society isn’t going to crumble. Straight people aren’t going to stop having kids. LGBTQIA LMNOP W/E PPL that want to get married are just going to get married, live their lives and that’s it.


and love & respect one another.