Kristen Stewart Heads To Guantanamo Bay?

Kristen Stewart, our fave human teenager turned lucky-in-love vampire, is off on a new cinematic adventure according to! She’s played Bella, Snow White, and literary darling MaryLou, but her next role brings her to Guantanamo Bay as a soldier in Camp X-Ray.

The project will be K-Stew’s first appearance on a film set in almost a year and a half! She’s going to play a small town girl who joins the military to escape her drab life. Instead of getting sent to Iraq she ends up at Guantanamo as a guard where she forges an odd friendship with an inmate. Sounds interesting, but in my head I can’t help but picture G.I. Jane!

Are you excited to see K-Stew as a solider in Camp X-Ray?