Katelyn’s One Year Buzziversary! 5 reasons I love Buzznet!

Today, June 27th, 2013 marks one year that I have been a member on Buzznet! I discovered Buzznet through Buzzmaker, Kelti Colleen. After reading her book, Rockets, Rockstars, and Rockbottom, I followed her on Twitter and noticed that she Tweeted a link to a post she had made on Buzznet. After clicking on the link, I was mystified about everything the website had to offer and I immediately knew Buzznet was something I wanted to be a part of. Buzznet quickly became an outlet for me to be able to express myself and share my opinions with the world. Buzznet was truly one of the only things that I was very passionate and excited about in months.

Since I have Buzznet to thank for so many things in my life, here are 5 reasons that I love Buzznet!

1. Buzznet’s Strong Community

One specific thing that drew me to join Buzznet, from the beginning, is how much Buzznet truly is a community. I love how everyone on Buzznet is so loving and supportive of each other. I’m constantly seeing such positive feedback and support on other people’s posts in the comments. I also love how there are so many different groups to join for any type of person. There are also so many fun things everyone can take part in as a community, such as Emerging Talent Month in March and All Star Month in April.

2. So Many Unique Individuals on Buzznet

Something that makes Buzznet fantastic is how it really seems like everyone that is a member, staff member or Buzzmaker is truly themselves. People on Buzznet are so unique and they aren’t afraid to truly express who they are. There are so many people who stick out for being such unique individuals. Buzznet is a place that makes people feel good and comfortable about giving their opinions and views on things that they love. I feel like Buzznet really helped me to become very comfortable and confident with who I am and to not be afraid to be myself to the world. It also makes me feel like my voice truly matters.

3. Buzznet Has so Many Options

I love how Buzznet has such a wide variety. Instead of only being able to post in the form of blogs, we have so many other post possibilities! There are six different forms of posts, like photo gallery, polls, and videos. It makes Buzznet so much more organized and simpler to use! It also makes it such a different experience from any other websites.

4. Buzznet Profiles are Very Personable

Something that makes Buzznet very fun is how everyone can personalize their profiles to look any way they want them to. Freedom over you banner, background, text color, and widgets, makes your profile reflect who you are and what you love. This really helps people to immediately get a vibe of who the person is, once they click on their profile.

5. Buzznet’s a Gateway to so Much More!

Buzznet has opened up so many of the things I love today. Through Buzznet, I have discovered great music, t.v. shows, movies, clothes, and much more through other people’s posts. It has also really broadened my horizon. If it wasn’t for Buzznet, I would be missing out on so many great things I would have never known about otherwise. Buzznet has really exposed me to so much more!

Being on Buzznet has really helped me to discover what I truly love to do in life, write. I hope to become a professional journalist one day. Maybe even for Buzznet;)! Buzznet has given me so many opportunities that I am really thankful for. I have had an amazing first year and I hope to have many more! To read my first ever Buzznet post click here.



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