Josh Hutcherson Loves Taking Ladies For Motorcycle Rides

Josh Hutcherson is the boy next door, Kentucky-born adorable actor guy who makes you swoon, but also feels attainable for some reason. Like, you could totally run into him at Chipotle and fast forward a year later you’re his red carpet arm candy. Feasible, right?

Well I thought so too, until I did a little recon on our boy Peeta the baker from District 12. Turns out Josh has all sorts of game with the ladies… specifically with his gorgeous co-stars. (JLaw excluded) And his big move? Hop on the back of my motorcycle, baby!

Let’s go through the evidence, shall we?

First we have his former co-star and ex-lady love, Vanessa Hudgens. Aren’t they presh on the back of his bike?

Off they go with helmets in tow!

Josh has also been seen cruising on his motor bike with Chloe Bridges of The Carrie Dairies:

And a mystery gal:

Rocking matching blonde hair:

That pink helmet has seen quite a few heads!

Recently, Josh has been seen riding around town with his current girlfriend and co-star in the upcoming film Paradise Lost, Claudia Traisac.

The bike may be the same, but something leads me to believe this pairing is meant to last.

First we have the matching flannels. And most importantly please note the brand new passenger helmet! The days of pink helmet hotties must be over.

Also they’re adorable together.

Perhaps Claudia has tamed the cool rider and brought him back to his sweet, sensitive guy ways.

Do you like fellas with motorcyles?