Heartblog: It’s Okay To Be A Geek

Last night I was talking with my friend Lucy, and we were talking about how some people seem too cool for everything, and that I am the polar opposite. I am way tooooo excited about everything. I really like to geek out on everything and sometimes, I think that really makes me un-cool. You know there are those girls that have cool clothes, cool friends and never act like anything is cool enough for them? Then there is me with my glittery eyeshadow being the girl who claps early at everything.

my point is this: what the hell is the point in trying to act like nothing excites you? Life SHOULD excite you. When a celebrity walks by me in LA I am EXCITED, when I go to a party and have a fun outfit, I am EXCITED, when I am seeing a cool band, I am EXCITED, when life rules I am EXCITED! You should be excited and geeking out about your own life. It’s cooler to be a geek, than to be a “cool” girl.

I am so sick of these “cool” people making everyone else feel inferior in life, because they CARE about things. Please let’s all stop trying to be hipsters who don’t care about anything and instead turn into magical unicorns who care about everything! caring is good, caring abput your life and the things you spend time doing is awesome! CARE! CARE! CARE! CARE as much as you can!

also my little unicorns I think this might help you too: Buzzfeed’s How to be the Life of Any Party